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Best Android Offline Games for Pro Gamers to play without internet connection in 2020

RPG, also known as Role Playing Games, are fictional setting character's story-line games. These games were among the first genres to become popular in android gaming. There are two most famous forms of role playing games- TRPG's (Tabletop role playing games), LARP's(Live action role playing). In both of these genres, the player has to take the character ahead either through discussions or by physically performing character's actions. 

 With the While role playing games are popular both with or without the internet, this article talks specifically about best offline games that are worth your time and will bring you new tastes in the gaming world, adding to your hour of enjoyment weather you are in a train, taxi, a boring class or in your bed. These games are chosen on the basis of various factors such as story-line, smoothness and game-play. 

Best Android Offline RPG Games You Can Play in 2020

1. Eternium 

Play as a warrior and explore the adventurous world of Eternium full of forests, deadly animals and travel to the moon taking over the world with your axe and sword. Most of the gaming stuff can be bought by game currency- that is Gems. So, there is less need of in-game purchasing. Apart from story mode, the game also contains randomly generated levels. It is somewhat similar to "Torchlight".
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2. Gribblers  

Deal with pumpkin like strange creatures and help to restore their city. This game is a great strategy, exploration, city-builder and battle experience. It has a great story-line, with areas ranging from stone-age to forests and caves. The game also features random events such as running into treasure chests or witches to deal with to make the game more interesting and difficult. Overall, this game is funny and interesting that you won't mind spending your free time playing this game.
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3. Ankora

Ankora is divided into 144 quadrants, and the goal is to find all the pieces of antenna scattered around the mysterious world of Ankora. Mun, the character has to face all the adventures and obstacles in between. With the help of local community, help Mun create tools and buildings and explore more of the area of Ankora and eventually grow bigger. Help Mun find all of her antenna pieces and complete the game to victory. Overall, this is a great strategy and role playing game making it's overall experience great and wonderful. 
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4. Star wars: Knights of the old republic

You get to choose from 3 charismatic fighters who have their own abilities and weaknesses and are on a same mission of eliminating negative forces. A sequel to Shadow Fight 3, this game comprises of 3-d characters, whoever their shadows are still present. The game comprises of stories, quests, survival and upgrades. The story mode is carried on in a world map with each place representing it's own environment. The online version consists of duels and region/city specific leaderboards to climb and become the top "fighting star" of your city. 
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5. Into the Dead

It is a zombie action video game in which you have to cross across the creepy and horrid landscape full of zombies. The goal is the save the character's family by eliminating zombies. Apart from gameplay, this game also gas excellent graphics and controls, which makes it an addictive drug for game lovers. Overall, it contains 60 stages comprised into 7 chapters, each with a single motive with complex weapons and dangerous zombies. 
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6. Ravensword: Shadowland 3d RPG

Solve the mysteries of kingdom of Tyreas and eliminate the dark times that have fallen into it's empire. Initially available in windows versions, this game is now also available for Android. Explore a vast, dreary and richly laden world full or demons and enemies and fight your way collecting various items, becoming more powerful complete the story line to restore peace back in the kingdom of Tyreas.
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7. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

It is one of the most massive first person games on Android. In this game, you arrive at your home city only to find it destroyed and desolated, and you decide to unravel the mystery. In the process, you deal with numerous soldiers, gain powers and weapons and unravel the mysteries of this great empire. One of the best features of this game is that you can create and customize your own character and run into battle.
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8. Soulcraft

It is an Action RPG in which angels and demons get into fights in order to materialize into the earth and keep the lift intact. Fight with dragons and demons and neutralize your enemies to maintain the peace in earth. You can create your own customized angel to wipe out the negative and win the battles. In this game, the difficulty level can sometimes make you really frustrating, as it can pile too high in the higher parts. It is a great action and role playing game.  
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9. Evoland 2

This game has both 2-d and 3-d gameplay scenes which are designed to give a little feel of old video gaming experiences. The game's storyline is based on time travel and has good narrative, plot and controls than it's previous versions. Fight your way in 2-d and 3-d environments with shooting, actions and puzzle. Overall, it is a great gaming adventure that will be a good "cream" for your extra time. 
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10. Fire Emblem Heroes 

In this game, the player(s) get the opportunity to control up-to 4 characters. The game features interesting gameplay with each character playing in their own strengths. There are various units in the game, such as Flying units, Calvary units, armored units etc.. Fight battles using each of these battles as a tactical approach to win the game. 
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Best Android Offline RPG Games You Can Play Wothout Internet Connection in 2020